January 6, 2011

Welcome to Bright Cichlids

Welcome to bright cichlids!

The new blog to help you keep bright and healthy cichlids which make your home come alive.

Keeping cichlids is one of the greatest hobbies in the world.  But it can be expensive if not done properly.

Did you know?

  • What you feed your cichlid has a large effect on how bright and beautiful they become. This extremely bright cichlid is on a very special diet to keep its colors bright.
  • Some cichlids are mouth brooders. They carry their eggs, and small fry, in their mouths to protect them. This Electric Yellow Cichlid has a mouth full of fry.
  • One way of knowing you have a male or a female cichlid are the yellow markings on the cichlids last fin on the bottom. This male Red Zebra cichlid has 5 or 6 yellow dots on its fin.
  • It is vital to know what to feed the cichlid fry once they hatch to keep them healthy and bright. This cichlid fry is just making the switch to more solid food. Look at how bright and beautiful such a small fish can be.

And that is just a tiny little part of the whole picture.  So stay tuned and come back to visit bright cichlids.